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The Lost Art of Letter Writing

letter-writing-picGreat writing in itself has become a lost art. When you have the option of sending a quickly typed e-mail or writing a note longhand and sending it via snail-mail, it doesn’t take much hesitation to choose. We live in a fast-paced world where everything is expected to be on demand.

I don’t know about you, but I love getting cards and little notes in the mail. It is nice to know that someone actually sat down and took the time to write me and think of me. It makes my day!

Letter writing is a lost art. This might seem so irrelevant to be writing on when this blog is about pursuing publishing. Please stick with me, there is a purpose. Letter writing is something that every writer should be able to do well. This is, not only in the business sense, but also in a personal sense. Writing is about relating and sharing a story or a vision with people. It is meant to be shared. This all comes back to relationships. Writing a personal letter is a great way to connect with somebody or to remind a friend or family member how much they mean to you.

Writing is relational. Don’t let this lost art die.

Challenge for the Week: Get out the paper and the quill pen (okay, maybe not that old), and write a letter to someone who means something in you life. I would suggest a writing mentor or someone who inspired you to be a writer. Send it via snail-mail. Comment on here when you have done so.

Happy writing and have a great week!


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