Sometimes the nights run long and you reach a place where you just cannot write anymore. It’s like you’ve come to a dead-end. Or worse than that, it’s like when you are driving somewhere when you are is desperate need of sleep and when you arrive you find that you don’t remember the drive – zombie-fied writing anyone?

Just add caffeine!

Every writer has their own caffeine!

A writers’ caffeine can come in the form of:

  • coffee/pop (soda)
  • nature walk
  • running/exercise
  • reading
  • cleaning
  • dancing
  • working

There are many other forms of caffeine. My favorite is dancing! What is your favorite caffeine to bring on inspiration, energy and focus to write?



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2 responses to “INSTANT WRITER!

  1. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. In college, I would order a large iced black and white with extra mocha, and it would get me through hours of literary criticism homework. Later, I discovered black coffee with a scoop of ice in it—biggest jolt ever. Now, I stick to black coffee, but on some occasions, I’ll get a venti soy cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks. Delish!

  2. Coffee…tis the stuff of life.

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