5 of the Best Ways to Beat Writer’s Block – Guest Post by 7th Grader Breanna McCann

1. Listen to Music: Listening to songs can give you great ideas and inspiration for your next writing! It works best if you listen for deeper meaning and try to analyze the lyrics of the songs!

2. Take A Break: I know when I type for a while, I lose inspiration sometimes. If this happens to you, take a break and get a snack or watch television for a few minutes, then come back and see if you’ve got new inspiration.

3. Be Prepared: Prepare for the battle with a writer’s worst enemy! Take a notebook and write prompts or things of that nature for yourself and then when you have writers block, come back and use your notebook to write something that will give you inspiration.

4. Fill In: Do you already have the end of your writing or a later event or point in your writing planned? Think of a great way to fill in from where you are now to where that event is. It’s like coming up with a perfect route from point A to point B!

5. Base It On YOU: Did something happen in your life that fills you with extreme emotion? Write about it! Fill people with the same emotion! Write something that’s based on that event! It’s all about YOU!


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