Writer’s Block and Word Wars!

In directing a writing group for middle and high school students, something that I have found to be a motivation and even a cure for writer’s block is a word war. This works especially well if your writers are competitive and for you as well. Countless times I have heard them say they were working on their book and then they stumbled upon a case of writer’s block and haven’t written more than a sentence in 2 or more days.

This is when I would declare what the Writers Unleashed group fondly refers to as “word wars”!

In a word war, there is a set time limit and in that time you have to write as many words in your book (short story, article, written piece) as possible and whoever writes the most words in that time wins. It is as simple as that. What did they win exactly? Well, usually they got over their writers block quickly in order to come out on top and they also would manage to jump 1, 2, 3 and even 8 thousand words in a single session. Our average session is 2 hours long.

Here is the challenge:

Find another writer willing to work with (well, I guess it would be against you) and set the time limit and write for your life! This works well if you are competitive, have writers block, or even if you have trouble finishing. This forces you to turn off your inner editor and finish the project. You can edit later – just get it all written.

Set 30 minutes on the clock and write as fast and as hard as you can. In the comment box leave your word-count for an all-POP word war!






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