Writing – Wild & Wonderful

Writing is like a road trip!

When you first start out, you are so excited for the destination that even the 11 hour drive you have a head of you does not seem too daunting. All you can think about is the sun, the sand, the beach, the ocean view – you get the picture.

In all the excitement you forget a few things such as:

  • rest stops
  • filling up the gas tank
  • your butt falling asleep from sitting down for so long.

You know, just those few minor details (and probably some more)



Sometimes when I’m writing, it feels like the drive through West Virginia.

Stay with me here. I promise I’m not crazy — well, no more than the other writers out there.

I took a trip to Emerald Isle a few years back and it was amazing! It was well-worth the stops and my butt falling asleep. But it took about 7 of those 11+ hours to get through West Virginia…in light of that I edited their sign to say “You are still in West Virginia”

This is much like the writing process. When you first start out, you are so excited that the time and all the other “minor details” of this adventure hardly daunt you. However, after a little while you start to feel like you aren’t really getting anywhere. You are still in the same place as you’ve been for hours (or days, or months…). You are still in West Virginia.

It seems like and endless journey – but I promise it can still be wild and wonderful and if you keep moving forward, you will reach your destination and when you get there, you will feel something like this:

Welcome to FINALLY! You deserve it.

There will be stops along the way. You will need a few rest stops and if you keep at it, your butt could get a bit numb from sitting for so long. Then there will be those stops to where you re-fill and revive and when you get your butt back in the seat you find yourself back on track with a bit more excitement. It can be a long road, but it is well worth it and very rewarding.

Where are you on your writing/publishing journey?


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