The Worth of Your Words

Have you ever met one of those people who seem to talk just to hear themselves speak? No one really wants to listen, or if they did initially they lost interest and are not sure how to get away from the conversation without being rude.

This happens with writers too. We need to weigh our words carefully. Being lovers of detail and portrait painting with words, we sometimes have a hard time not being long-winded or overly detailed. Put simply – we lose our reader’s interest. At some point among the details that we find to be so very important our voice becomes like a drone in their ear.  Suddenly the words we are saying (or writing) become irrelevant. And no matter how important the topic in question is, when this happens, the worth of the words and the weight that you may have carried on the topic is lost.

Why do writers write?

Because we (hopefully) have something of worth to contribute. We write because we have something to share with the world and recognize the power our words can hold.

When you write, consider:

  • What details are essential for a clear understanding of the topic?
  • Why is what you have to say important?
  • How can you best share with your reader in such a way that they understand but as succinctly as possible?

If time is a currency, then make sure that the words you write and speak are worth it.

WRITERS POP CHALLENGE: Weigh the worth of your words.


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