You’ll End Up in My Novel

I suppose we authors should come with a warning sign stamped on our foreheads “Careful or you’ll end up in my novel”. No matter how creative that our minds can get when we write, when it comes to the root of everything our initial inspiration is almost always due to:

  1. Something someone did, or
  2. something someone said.

When it comes down to the heart of the characters that we create, often times they are based on ourselves, people we know, people we’ve met or people we have read about or who intrigue us. We write what we know. Of course that doesn’t mean that when you write a novel you won’t first research to get the better picture, but when it comes down to it, you have a pretty solid idea of what you are seeing for your novel.

Who knows how it all really happens? One minute you’re in a conversation with a good friend over coffee and then all the sudden she says something to you and it triggers a whole new novel in your brain like that! Or maybe you saw something as you were out shopping or picking up the kids and instantly a storyline and a chapter formulates in your mind. Wherever the inspiration strikes you, write it down! These unexpected moments that play ideas through your mind are quite possibly the best ideas you could have and far easier to come by than when you are sitting at your computer, spinning in your chair with a blank document up on the screen attempting to find inspiration and ideas for the completed work you dream to be on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

Take some time this week. Look for the novel inspired by a single phrase or action. And maybe warn those close to you, “Careful, you’ll end up in my novel…”



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4 responses to “You’ll End Up in My Novel

  1. So true! I actually keep a little notebook in my purse for all the unexpected inspiration throughout the day… AND, I’ve found myself collecting notes during any situation or interaction that is unpleasant and filing it away under “Well at least it may be useful to my writing someday!” 🙂

  2. You’re right, inspiration comes from everywhere!

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